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"I tried PSYCH-K® because of a problem that had been bothering me for years, I couldn't solve it, it got into my everyday life. This personal crisis took control of my life, I looked and saw everything through these "glasses". Although I went into PSYCH-K® with a bit of disbelief, to my biggest surprise serious changes took place in my life... This programme in my thinking changed with such ease that what I had been trying to overcome consciously and through efforts for years became a closed chapter of my life almost overnight. I got myself back and I feel again how the song says: I love to live, I love to live, I love to look at the stars on beautiful summer evenings."

Dóra S. from Hungary

To contact/book a session


WhatsApp: +36 30 9143728

Online sessions:

via Zoom/Google Meet/Skype/WhatsApp call

In-person sessions:


Rua Moeda 1, sala 12
1200-275 Lisbon, Portugal

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