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The only limits you have are the limits you believe.
(Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Change your beliefs,
change your life!

Did you know that 95% of your reality is created by your subconscious mind?

Neuroscientific research shows that 95% of our behavior is shaped by our subconscious mind, and only 5% by our conscious mind.

Our attitudes, beliefs and values are drawn from past experiences, usually in our early childhood and are stored in our subconscious mind, so we are often unaware of how they influence us,  directing our actions and behaviors automatically on a daily basis.


PSYCH-K® is a powerful energy psychology method that allows you to quickly and easily identify and change subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you in realising your full potential in life.

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What is PSYCH-K®?





PSYCH-K® is a simple, yet powerful process to reprogram subconscious  beliefs and perceptions that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging and often block us from achieving our dreams and goals.

It is a unique blend of various tools derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom.

PSYCH-K® is not a therapy, it is not done on or done to you, but together with You, in Partnership. The real power to change is in You, and PSYCH-K® is used as a key to unlock and activate that inner power.


Our beliefs

create our reality

Our beliefs are the foundation of our personality. They define us as worthy or worthless, powerful or powerless, fairly treated or victimized. Beliefs affect our moods,  relationships, professional life and carreer, our self-esteem, financial behaviours  and our physical health. With PSYCH-K® we can reduce unwanted stress caused by their limitations and reprogram our mind with new self-enhancing beliefs.

How does PSYCH-K® work?

PSYCH-K® provides a user-friendly way to rewrite the ‘software’ of our mind by detecting and changing beliefs that sabotage us into beliefs that support us, through a quick and easy process of Balances.

These Balances increase “cross-talk”

between the two brain hemispheres,

thereby achieving a more Whole-Brain State, which is ideal for changing, reprogramming our outdated subconscious beliefs.


What happens on a PSYCH-K® session?

First we identify the areas of your life in which you wish to create change, to experience improvement, creating more possibilities and freedom. After defining the desired experience (belief), through muscle testing we establish  communication with your subconscious and we do the PSYCH-K® Balance process with the belief.

The results of the Balance may be felt instantaneously or may evolve over time (usually hours, days or weeks).


"I tried PSYCH-K® because of a problem that had been bothering me for years, I couldn't solve it, it got into my everyday life. This personal crisis took control of my life, I looked and saw everything through these "glasses". Although I went into PSYCH-K® with a bit of disbelief, to my biggest surprise serious changes took place in my life... This programme in my thinking changed with such ease that what I had been trying to overcome consciously and through efforts for years became a closed chapter of my life almost overnight. I got myself back and I feel again how one of my favourite song goes: I love to live, I love to live, I love to look at the stars on beautiful summer evenings."

Dóra S. from Hungary


FREE 30 min. initial video call

If you would like to meet me before deciding on trying PSYCH-K®, have questions about the process or how it can serve you, schedule a free video call by contacting me.

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+36 30 9143728


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